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Default Esky King 3 Gyro

Does anyone know how tough the esky gyro’s are? A couple of weeks ago the tail wagged for about two flights. It was noticeable but not too bad. Adjusted the gyro and the transmitter, no improvement. I’ve flown several times since and all worked fine. Yesterday it started again the first flight, I brought the helicopter back. Luckily before I disconnected the battery I watched the tail rotor pitch oscillate for about ten seconds. Then the gyro red light started blinking and now no rudder control….. Completely dead.

No major crashes.

Is there a better replacement than the stock gyro?

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Default It all uphill from here

Pretty much any and every gyro on the market will out-preform the stock Esky gyro. My.02 is that a new pilot should make the investment to get a GOOD gyro and tail servo combo. An experienced pilot has no problem with a tail that isnt rock solid...he's moving it around all the time anyway and can handle any drifting or trim adjustments on the fly, but a new pilot has his hands full just trying to keep the rotor level and trying to keep it from hitting something. If the tail is constantly drifting or not holding still, it brings in a whole new way to lose control. When 1st starting out, it was a big help for me to not have to worry about the tail moving. A GOOD gyro can move on up the ladder when you decide to get a bigger and better heli too.
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Thank you, this is my entry heli, Its been relatively cheap and easy to fix, I’m to the point of fairly coordinated figure eights and out grown the front yard. At this time a steady tail is a must!!
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Post Esky gyro!!!

I agree with Likeakite, Any gyro is better than the stock esky gyro. My honey bee king 3 is running on a $10 generic hong kong gyro and I get much better tail hold than I ever did with the stock gyro. A good quality gyro and metal gear digatil high speed tail servo will save lots of $ and repair time in the long run.
If you are looking at getting other Helios then my suggestion is "go big" the bigger the better. I am only limited by finance so I fly generic HK 450's as they are cheap to buy and parts are easy to get on fle-bay or from
The honey bee king 3 is a good starting heli but has a few issues once you try 3D flying, the plastic frame is a bit weak and will flex in flight, upgrade to a carbon fiber frame and you will have a heli you can enjoy for a long time.
Hope this helps Mate.
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Thanks, i've gone through two servo's also!! I'm defiantly going bigger soon as i get a little better, learn more. You are right, parts performance and limitations…. want to be happy on the next upgrade.

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