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NextD - Rave 450 and 90 CJY Rave 450 and 90 Helicopter Kit - ND-YR-K001

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Rod Hancock
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Default Rave env nitro 120ccpm

Could someone please give me the part numbers for the parts I'll need to swap my Rave env back to 120ccpm .
Also what 2s battery would be best to run for best C/G.
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I'm taking you don't have the original parts that were in the kit and it is now setup as 140 ccpm? You actually have almost everything you need already. The only thing that you'll need are....
1. As1067 (Linkrod set which has the links needed for 120 plus a few more)
2. You will need the shorter ball links on screw on the aileron/pitch arms of the swash plate. Unfortunately I don't see that you can buy those separately. They come with the purchase is a new swashplate. You may call Brian at He may be able to help you get just those ball links by themselves.

The rest is just changing the way the t-arms are positioned and the making the appropriate links to go With the 120 setup in the manual!!

As far as the 2s battery, I was running LiFeP04, and ran a LARGE 4500mah pack mounted on the top of the radio tray and it balanced out well with that pack!!
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im running a little 2700mha pack tp lite G6
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