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rotor head33
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Default first spool up

i have the total g on my fbl velocity (v1) what would y'all suggest to do just for that first time spool up to make sure no crazy vibes are going to kill me? unlike flybarred i can't just have faith in my build skills and spool her up and go crazy like normal.
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The maiden of a FBL machine is no different than a FB. Anything can and will happen, as long as your attention to detail and setup are perfect it will go off without a hitch.
There are a couple of more pre-flight checks you will want to do with FBL. After initialization pick up the heli and make sure all stick inputs give correct swash and tail movement. Then pick up the heli, tilt the nose forward and ensure the swashplate is tilting back (trying to stay level), tilt the tail down to ensure the swash wants to tilt forward. Do the same side to side. As long as the swash is always tilting to try and remain level your flight corrections are set right. Very similar to setting up the tail gyro.
One thing I learned from my first FBL spool up is the heli does not like to remain on the ground spooled up like you can do with a FB heli, get it up into the air. The FBL unit will fight the skids on the ground trying to correct if it thinks it needs to make one. As you get some flights in with the FBL unit, time on ground before lift off becomes more comfortable because you have seen what is going on multiple times with the unit on the ground spooled up.
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rotor head33
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I am aware of those tips and thanks for the response I guess I was just more confident with my race and heli command system since I flew it flybarred for quite some time and new there were no vibes whereas I'm just now building this velo
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I find it easier to spoolup with the fc gain at 0 then turn it on once in the air.

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The TotalG has a feature that most FBL controllers don't. You want to make sure you are in "Decay Mode" while spooling up then you should be in "Trim Lock" when you are in the air/up to flight headspeed. This is a subset of gain on/off as both occur with gain on. Also, NEVER initialize the TG with the FC Gain off. This confuses the unit.

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