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scott s
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Default yes I have been very grumpy

My eyes have been faiiling me and I have been overly grumpy but no excuse as I should not take it out here. Just so much of the same problems and same advise given for so long. It is called burn out I am gonna lay low for a while. Just not enjoying the hobby blind lately!
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Hey Scott, really sorry to hear about your eyes mate. Your support and advice has been so helpful to so many. Hope your getting better eventually.
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Sorry to hear of your problem. Hope you aren't gone too long. Weknow where to find you.

Best wishes
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Chin up Scott. My eyes are bad too. Depth perception etc. I wear contacts as I hate my glasses, but I can;t focus cleanly on my heli's with contacts. So, I have to wear my glasses when flying. Sux when you blink and loose sight of her for 3-8 seconds..
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Scott, thanks for all your help.
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I thought you were due for some eye surgery. Anyways I hope you get you vision sorted out even if you gotta get tinted/polarized (expensive) glasses for daytime flying.

And if you have trouble seeing the smaller birds, remember MSH is cooking up a Protos 700.
Thank you Mr. John Taylor.
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