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Question Anyone with HC3-X on his Goblin

I'm just wondering if there's anyone with HeliCommand HC3-Xtreme or HC3-SX on his Goblin out there?

I'm playing with it but can't tune the elevator. Tail and aileron works absolutelly great but elevator bounces and bounces no matter what I set. It's obvious I do something wrong but what? I've set many helicopters with this system very successfully but Goblin isn't following

My Goblin has 6 flights so far so it might need to break in a little bit more?
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Both Goblins I've seen maiden had elevator bobbles for the first couple of flights. It should wear in, but if not check the elevator linkage and see how tight the ball links are.
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Im using the HC3SX on my Goblin and did have to do a bit of experimenting with the elevator settings.
Probably the relatively high mass of the tail that can cause problems for the elevator channel.

Best thing is to assign the real-time tuning to a knob on the RX and work on it from there.
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I'm at flight no. 10 at the moment and found that all gets better as it wears in probably.

I think you are right with the heavy boom. Normaly on any other helicopter it was just rise the D gain up to 16 and it was it. Maybe in some cases use elevator filter at 1 and done.

On the Goblin I'm at D gain at 17 and elevator filter 2, P 30 and it's slightly better. Still tuning it in real time and I'm getting closer and closer. What's your findings so far?

I'll post my file from HC3-SX once I got to the heli.
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