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450 Class Electric Helicopters 450 Class Electric Helicopters manufactured by Align, Tarot, SYMA, Airhog, Chaos, HK and similar.

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Default Blades. Mavrikk, Spin Bades and Align

This isn't a flight comparo, I'm no where near good enough of a pilot to notice any massive difference.

These are just observations.

The Mavrikk wide cord G5 are wider than the Aligns but narrower than the Spin Blades Asymmetrical. The Spin Blades and Mavrikks are about 10mm longer than the Aligns.

I haven't flown the Mavrikks yet but the I can tell you the Spin Blades make a very noticeable greater chopping sound. It was more noticeable to me but I took them to the club for a better pilot than me to try and with all the other bigger heli around they didn't sound much better.

The Asymmetrical used about 10 watts more average power than the Aligns. I'm putting it down to the wider cord causing more drag. Results were from Castle log. I tried it multiple times changing blades back and forth.

The Mavrikks, as did the Spin Blades before I destroyed them, balanced perfectly. My prop balancer was a bit too sensitive and would eventually swing to the side which was lower. Both the Mavrikk and Spin blades were plugged where they had been balanced. The Aligns required balancing with tape.

Align on G5

Align on G5

Align on G5

Spin on G5

G5 on Spin
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Good stuff. The Maverick are real popular for the fbl guys.
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