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Default Need new gimbal for Dx7s

Hey guys, just wondering if anybody here can help, as the story goes I bumped myDx7s into a door frame (not really that hard) well I managed to break of the fmode button, since I need this on a daily baises and hardly use my d/r I decided to switch the switch well in the process I decided to add a little heat shrink to one of the wires I stripped alittle to far. Well I put everything back together and one of my gimbals was f**ked, no spring tension up and down cyclic. Anyway to cut this short I managed to warp the plastic spring arm for the cyclic while heat shrinking, so not such a big deal I swapped the left gimbal for the right and vice versa, excellent back in business . Now it works but I really don't like the idea of a gerry riged radio so I called horizon to get parts (the radio is out of warrantee anyway). In this hobby where you build and spec your own everything Horizon refuses to send out any internal parts, they won't even ship a switch, WHAT THE HELL this is freakin rediculas. They expect me to pay $80 shipping both ways from Canada probably 2 weeks travel time either way, however long for them to fix it and what ever they want to charge me for the fix and parts (I might as well pick up a new radio of a different brand). Does anybody know where I can get a Right gimbal assembly? I am quite capable of doing the switch.

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In my opinion, this is pushing a lot of people away from HH radio products. I would move over to futaba. Take the hit and sell the DX7s and buy a Futaba...

Just my opinion.
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