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Default Do FBL helis really strip metal gear servos?

I've got a set of MKS DS92A+ servos which I was going to put on my 450 3D (along with an aluminium swash) but the 450x took the swash and I'm wondering if I should just put the MKS servos on it...espec as I was missing a screw and just resorted to resetting up the heli with the stockers for the time being.

My query is that if the X (and FBL helis in general) eat servos regardless of if they are metal geared then I'll buy lots of plastic gears and stay with the stockers.

The MKS units will then be bulletproof on the 3D.

I've read alot of threads and some say MG servos are fine with FBL and others say they strip every crash regardless. $15 per set for metal gears isn't going to go down well if this is the case.

What do you think?
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I think the MG will take a few licks and light crashes as long as its not a lawn dart kinda crash
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You can strip any kind of servo on a heli depending on the crash. The MG servos will deal with small crashes (blade strikes and hovering accidents) that don't have a ton of energy being transfered through the swash. In a hard FFF crash they can strip and then you need to bite the bullet and buy new gears. It doesn't matter if the heli is FBL or FB from a crash resistance point of view.

I would put the MKS 92A+'s you bought in the 450 X since the AR7200BX is really going to shine with those servos. I don't think that it will do the 450 3D as much justice and you will most likely being toning it down to the point that it really defeats the point of the servo. The 92A+'s are fast and you will be shocked at how fast the machine will react with these....

Hope this helps....
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