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Default Change out full size for mini?

I just received my mini Vbar and started the setup. I am flying a 600ESP, a 600 Pro, a 700 and a Goblin, all with full sized Vbars on them. I will get my X7 next week and am wondering what experience everyone has had with the minis on a larger heli?

Would a mini work ok on the X7? I assume it is good for a 2S RX pack, and driving HV servos. I know I will have to add a "Y" harness to get 2 parallel power sources into it, but other than that, I am assuming the mini has the same sensor/software configuration as the full sized one, right? I really would rather not have to rip one out of my flying helis if I don't absolutely have to.

Any help/ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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yes to all of the above

the separate sensor on the full size makes it easier to mount it in better (low vibe) locations

also you do have some flexibility as far as connections go on the full size over the miniV

In a vibe free environment the two perform the same
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The mini vbar works well in the X7, beware tho as the frames are quite narrow and it takes time to tidy all the cables. See this tread:

In one of my pics you can see the sat cables in the side of the unit pushing it off centre, I have since filled a step out of the side frame and the unit sits nice and square.
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