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Default Wookong H setup help?

I have to give up on this one... I totally don't get how to measure distance between C.G and IMU/GPS on Y, X or Z axle, OR how it should be balanced. I pretty much don't get anything of what's written @ page 11 in the manual. If you can help me I'll buy you a beer in heaven...

Here is a picture of the page in the manual: http://nnlp.no/wookong.jpg

I might have more questions too about this Wookong, so if you don't mind I'll ask as I go forward...
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My English is bad so i cannot explain to you,
Take a picture of your heli with DJI mounted and i will give you a number
Just make sure your vertical CG @ mainshaft
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I don't have one of these but it looks simple to me. But I may be missing something.

It's saying setup your heli properly (Balanced on main shaft and along the boom axis). So, if balanced on MS no tilt left, right and fore and aft.

Once you have your heli properly balanced it's time to mount the unit. Once the unit is mounted, its time to measure where you located it in relation to the center of mass. You'll get a measurement on the axis along the boom (left/ right) and the axis of the MS fore/aft.

So lets say you are balanced and the unit is directly under the boom and behind the MS by 75mm.

it can be positive numbers or negative numbers, you'll have to look at the instruction page...green is - red is +

x= -75mm

y= 0 (you're under the boom not left or right of it. I'm guessing you need to be precise here. I'm guessing that if you're off a few mm it could make a difference.

z= 75mm distance from center of mass to the unit. So lets say your heli balances 25mm above the boom and the unit is 50mm below that. It also says that this can be zero (at least that is what I get from the statement in the lower right corner above GPS)

When adding the GPS to it, xy will be 0 if mounted to the boom

don't know if this helps...
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