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Drilling out the bearing block was a bit more challenging than I initially thought. My first attempt went something like this. Instead of trying to find the right drill bit and drill a perfect center hole somehow, I attacked the bearing block to my drill chuck. I had my Dremel cutting away while rotating the bearing block and shaved off enough material for the 4x7x2.5 bearings to fit.
The first bearing block bent because I had the chuck too tight. The second one worked much better, but I had to be really careful about how tight the chuck was around the bearing block. Too tight and I would have bent it and not tight enough would cause the block to fall out during the cutting process.
Needless to say the 4mm shaft is now in place. Im just messing around a bit with mounting height and such at the moment. I also had to drill out the pulley for the fan belt which was also a guessing game on how to center the drill with no template. One of the ball ends broke off my new swash plate for the 4mm shaft, so I have to drill that out. Still need to widen the anti-rotation guide.
Much more work to do before first flight, but well see how it all pans out.
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Good news. The 4mm shaft worked out great. It is definitely rock solid. Unfortunately I got a little too ambitious during my test flight and ended crashing my HDX300v3 at night into the parking lot.

Damage? Broken battery tray, one skid bent, canopy shattered, both side CF chassis broken, both symmetrical wood mains gone, bent 3S lipo, delrin main gear damaged, semi-bent flybar, main gear screw broken, and bent blade grip bar.

At least the main shaft didn't bend
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Shame I can't download anything... these videos would be great on YouTube..
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