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Default Set up new Skookum 540 on Align 550E Bind Questions

Hi Guys, i begin my install of Skookum 540
A few facts to state first
I have a Spektrum DX6i, Castle BEC Pro 20A (running off main battery to power electronics)
2 DSMX satellites plugged into the Skookum
Stock Align ESC 70A

Down to basics, before i even begin, there are no instructions for binding my TX with Default curves into the Skookum? can anyone tell me how?

Do i need to plug in a bind plug? if so where?
I cannot for the life of me work out where...

In Control Options, if i have 2x DSMX satellites, plugged in and my DX6i, says its dsmx on the front.. do i select Spektrum DSMX Satellite option?

Anyway thats the first hurdle

I will add other things that come as i progress.
Thanks for any input.
Align 700DFC, Logo 600SX,Goblin 500,Trex 500DFC, Gaui X3 Flying MODE1 with Spektrum DX7S, VBAR,FUBAR,SK540
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You do not need bind plug. Just follow the setup wizard this is so easy to setup.
Watch the video in the link below.
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Yep. Just follow the wizards. No bind plug needed.
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