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Default Microheli advanced x frame smoke generator

So after I broke the canopy mounts on my stock frame I thought I'd replace it with microhelis advanced x frame. I like the idea of replaceable canopy mounts plus I think it looks cool. After I put everything back together and was ready for a test flight, the tail rotor came on first as usual but as soon as the main rotor started spinning I saw smoke. After that the main motor seemed to work fine but the tail rotor did not work at all. When I tried a new tail rotor it would come on immediately at a slow speed with no throttle applied but the speed would stay constant no matter what level of throttle.

What I think I did was that I damaged the tail rotor wires inserting the boom into the frame which has an aluminum mount unlike the stock frame. Im guessing tthis shorted the wires which fried something on the control board. So I'm kinda new to all this so from searching this forum I saw the damaged part might be the tail motor fet. Looking at the fet it looks ok with no obvious melting, burns, etc.

My question if you think it is the fet, what is the replacement part for the tail motor fet. Other threads I searched I could not determine exactly what the right part number was for this application. Thanks for the help.
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Yep, you fried the tail FET by shorting the wires. The lacquer coating is ridiculously easy to remove by pushing wrong. PM Megastumbler, he does repairs and can probably give you a part number for the FET. Will also need to replace those tail wires.

Actually, he sells them directly for a dollar, or does the repair for $25 per his site at
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