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Default Brushless motor bearings . Best? How long?.

OK so I am new to the world of BL mCPX power having purchased a used pre converted one aprox. three weeks ago which I have not flown a great deal and was told it had aprox. 100 BL flights on it and more recently converting two others over to BL.

I noticed yesterday that the one with a CO5 and aprox. 125 flights has a failing bottom bearing. There is just the least amount of side to side shaft movement if you rock (rotate) the main shaft back and forth. I know some bearings are not of the greatest quality and I know that with a HS of 5000 the motor is turning 40,000 and that the load changes extremly fast .

I know about proper gear mesh , keeping bearings clean and lubed etc. but as I purchased this one ( one with failing bearing) used I really do not know its' past history. I di notice when I purchased it the gear mesh was a bit on the lose side which is better than being to tight.

How long do thes bearing normaly last ?
Are there better quality ones available without spending $10 each for them?

I have read many post of CO5 failing , being of low quality etc... but no one states how or why they failed.
Any othe motors tha use the same size bearing that have a history of long service life?
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Mine has had that slop for 500 flights or so.... Worried me at first, but has not got worse. I give each bearing a drop of HeliOption oil every 10-15 flights.
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