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Default Where is the best place to mount full size VBAR sensor

Hi Guys,
Where would be a better place to mount the Full size VBAR sensor on a TREX 550E V2?

1. Directly on the mount area behind the swash plate or
2. Directly below the main shaft on the bottom tray.

I have previously mounted Mini VBAR on the mount area behind the swash plate on my two other TREX 550s and they flew great.
On my current TREX 550 V2 I am using a full size VBAR and I have mounted the sensor on the bottom tray directly below the main shaft. However on FFF I am getting tail wag.
Has anyone else experienced similar issue? VBAR and TREX 550 are brand new.

Thanks in advance.
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The least amount of vibes are on the lower plate but the frame flexes a bit. I added 600 boom braces and cut to fit and it stiffened it up. The stock is to flimsy.
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Either location is OK if you can sufficiently dampen vibrations. Neither location has any advantage from a sensing standpoint. As I pointed out to another member recently, all parts of the heli rotate at the same rate; the only difference is in the amount of linear movement of the sensor, which the sensor can't see.
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Mine is mounted on a kde gyro plate above the servos at the front, main unit on the tray at the back. No probs at all the heli flies really nice.
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