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Default CX3 BODY FOR A CX2

[QUOTE=GG07;3796500] I was browsing the web last night and discovered that you can still buy the CX3 body and skid kit for the CX2, so I went ahead and ordered it. Not going to change over right away, but I will probably eventually turn this into a CX3 lookalike.

YES, GG... I believe the CX3 is "disco," but I love the MD-520N body. I have only had my CX2 for about a month. Called Horizon Hobby today-- they said with minimal modification, that the CX3 body kit can be fitted to a CX2... so I ordered one.

Assuming all goes well, I want to add LED's with a Li Po alarm from anybody hear of them?

Thanks in advance!

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lol cx2 owners want to look like a cx3 and cx3 owners want to ditch the stock canopy.

atleast i did, the stock md-520n canopy looks great but it's a p.i.a., it's big, bulky and makes outdoor flight a real pain. not to mention the stock skids are the weakest on the market and with aftermarket skids the body vibrates like crazy. i gave up on the stock canopy and have installed a boomtown model 4 boomkit and a xtreme canopy and trex skids.
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Plus the CX3 body has too much wind drag for outside flying. All my 3s brushless boardless Cx3's and dual swashed fbl versions ran with the 250 canopy mod and pod and boom styling. The mod list to effectively fly outside in windy conditions is extensive. But they do work!
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Originally Posted by GG07 View Post

Thanks for all that great and useful info on the CX2! I didn't realize that the stock version would be so weak in terms of being able to fly outdoors.
Today I managed to do high speed forward flights with my 6 year old stock cx2 outdoors (of course in 0 wind) but I went up at least 50 to 80 feet and it didn't get blown in the wind at all.
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I can fly mine outdoors. 2nd hole, tailboom, and Xtreme blades. I tried the 3rd hole with the stock blades and had too many strikes. I think flying the CX2 outdoors becomes more of a "how long can I fly it before it crashes" challenge (which is kinda fun in some ways) than simply having fun, working on nose in perspective, and other stuff to get you ready for a helicopter that is intended to fly outside.
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