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Default Is it me?? - DFC Question

I am trying to put together my DFC and for the life of me I can't get the plastic ball link connection threaded onto the arms from the blade grips. Anyone else having this trouble? Any tips?
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lol yeah, that's the biggest pita in helicopter history. Keep trying and busting your fingers, mak the beginning of the hole a little bit bigger if you have to/
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wind you hand back as far as you can and the twist it on there. make sure its going on straight and push hard!! i just did mine last night
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Jmac 3D
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I don't have a DFC head but I had the same problem with my fbl head. One side screwed in easy but I spent 20 minutes on the other side. I took a closer look and realized the threads were reversed so you can adjust the length just by turning the middle without taking a ball link off.

Once I realized that it was easy to put on.
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Stanley Speel
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I ended up putting the metal links in a dremel lol

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Just start a 1.5mm tap in it and then the link will thread itself with no problem
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I found the secret, you need two ball bearings and some 40 weight motor oil... LOL

No really I just did eight in record time...

I put the link into my vise, it has the rubber covers, then I put the threaded doober into my electric drill, I have a DE Walt, but you can use a most any cordless, as long as it has a chuck...

This system allows you to get good pressure on them as you screw them together, that was what I found trying to do it conventional style, they are so tiny there is nothing to grip...
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I heated the link up slightly with a lighter, threaded easy after that. I put a drop of CA after it was installed/adjusted just for good measure. Holding so far...
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BTW, anyone checked out the Tarot arm and links? They definitely look 10X better.
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