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Default Align 700M with CC 80HV OK?

I am waiting for my new Scorpion 4025-550 to get here and it doesnt look like is going to be here to get it up and running again for Sunday. For some reason I have an Align 700M motor lying around even though I have never owned a 700 size bird. Saw a good deal and got it on an impulse buy.

Now I see many guys using the 700MX motor with the CC80HV but I have yet to see anyone using the 700M which is the original version of the MX. I have read that the MX is much more efficient and see that it weighs much less.

Will I be ok to run the 700M on the CC80HV?

Since I only have 13 tooth 6mm pinion for my fusion, I know that the head speed will be significantly lower than normal being a 510 Kv motor. I have been wanting to try running a lower head speed anyway for a while. I like the sound and the way it flies and with the extra torque of a 700 motor I figure I should be ok for bogging.

Sound like this will work?
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Chris Sexton
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The amps will be ok. I ran a 700mx in one of my fusions while my outrage motor was down.

Bird is light enough. I am running a 80amp and a 4035-560 on my new goblin 630.

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A bigger motor won’t necessarily draw more amps... if anything, it should draw less considering the increase in torque.

You will be just fine with an 80A ESC.
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