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Default Need setup help

I removed the BeastX from my Trex 500 a few months ago and installed a GT-5. I did my best to decipher the crptic instructions and got it flying pretty well. I began to notice the heli seemed down on power, vertical performance was mediocre but I just figured I was flying it harder and that maybe my batteries and motor were getting tired, I replaced both the motor and batteries, it didn't help, Then I noticed that it was a rocket in inverted climbouts, I'm a stickler for setup and I'm sure the collective range had been setup to be perfectly balanced but now it seemed to be off. I didn't have a pitch gauge with me at the field so as a test I increased the + pitch travel in my radio from 100 to 120 and sure enough the vertical performance was instantly improved. I brought it home to check it with a pitch guage and was stumped to see that on the bench it was within half a degree of +12/-12. When I was trying to figure out what was going on is when I noticed the pitch gauge creeping down from 12 to 11.9, 11.8, 11.7 etc down to about 11 where it would stop. At that point I posted here in the forums looking for an explanation for the creeping. I assumed I simply had a bad FBL unit. With the 500 being out of service I decided to fly my Trex 450 3GX and was shocked to find it was doing the same thing. I don't fly the 450 much but I'm sure that when I set it up it had as close to a perfect +12/-12 pitch range as you can get without turnbuckles. I'd flown it several times after the build and it was a rocket. Now it was a dog upright and a rocket inverted. Once home I checked it and sure enough the collective range was now +7/-16. Neither heli has ever been crashed or rebuilt. Now I'm wondering if it's a problem with the radio. I've got several other FBL heli's with no issues, 2 helicommands which are fine and the BeastX which came off the 500 and is now in a 250 (haven't tried that one since this issue popped up). Anyway I'm at a loss to explain the issue so I figured I'd go through the setup again to confirm everything was good on the 500 and 450 then see how they fly. I finished setting up the 500 tonight with +/- 12 and noticed that at full collective and full ail/elev input that the inside servo runs out of travel. It's hard to explain but lets say I go full fwd elev and rt ail, top right corner of the gimbal. The rt servo horn drops down pulling the front rt corner of the swash down as it should. Now add full + collective, all three servo's pull the swash down for the collective change but the front rt servo runs out of travel and stops at about 80% collective then for the last 20% only the rear and front left servo's continue down causing the symetry of the swash input to change since the servo's stop moving in unsion. I'd lowered the a/b servo limits in the software from 250 to 200 because at 250 under the same stick input the FL and FR servo's were going nearly vertical in both directions causing the pushrods to bind on the servo case. Lowering it to 200 stopped them in a reasonable position but now I have the issue I just described. I tried adjusting ail and elev settings from 100 all the way to 60 but it had no impact on the problem. What's the proper way to correct this and still have acceptable travel? And does anybody have any idea why the upright vertical performance sucks on the 500 if the collective range was still +/- 12 on the bench? The 450 is understandable since it somehow changed to 7/16 however the 500 still reads 12/12 but acts like 7/16. And like I said earlier raising the end point to 125 solved the problem at the field......what's going on?

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Well I finished the setup again and I'm still not convinced it's behaving properly. In the setup menu the collective range is set to +/- 12 and the cyclic ramge is set to +/- 8. While in the setup menu to problem I described in the previous post regarding the swash travel isn't present. When you exit the setup menu the issue is present and the collective range is all over the place. When I first went to double check it out of the menu is was +15 / -9, then 13/11 etc. It was all over the place, I'd like to believe Cyberbug001's response to my previous thread about the swashplate creep that it only acts this way since it's not under load however I'm skepticle since the whole reason I started looking at it more closely was because the upright vertical power was lacking but inverted was awesome telling me something was off with the collective range. I've got 4 other FBL units from other manufacturers and none of them behave like this. One other thing I noticed about this controller was that when I would land in TH that the blades would slow down but not totally stop. They would continue to turn at about 100 RPM. No trims, throttle curve was 0-25-50-75-100 and TH is flat at 0%. When you power up it doesn't do it, likely because a few % isn't enough to start the motor but once turning is too much to allow it to stop. I had the set TH at -4% to stop the problem. However switching off TH into Normal mode and the blades would spool up again, it took some down trim to get them to stop....again this is only after spooling up, when powering the heli on for the first time it won't do it.

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