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Default Nitro Fuel Question?

Just got the bird running using cool power 15% nitro fuel with medium hot glow plug.
The helicopter idles fine but does not burn off all of the fuel out the exhaust when spooling it up. Tried to lean it out but still raw fuel coming out the exhaust at high speed. Don't know if glow plug is not hot enough or fuel does not have enough nitro in it. Any assistance as to what type of nitro fuel rating and glow plug heat rating would be greatly appreciated.

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Default Nitro fuel question

How about a little more info. What engine are you referring to ? What plug are using ?
( brand and #)
Is this a new engine ? Has it been broken in ? Are you at factory settings, if new ?
What are your present needle settings ?
With the stated information. I think you have a tuning problem.
So let us know a little more.

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How do you know it's raw fuel - have you checked it?
The reason I ask is there's always some residue (water etc) comes out of the muffler deflector, but it's not a lot!
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