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Default Level Swashplate

I have gone through so many rear tail gears. I thought that the 3-axis gyro (rx2435) was bad so I got a new one. It is still doing the same thing (all over the place no matter what I do to the controls). It goes out of control in mid air. I've tried adjusting the trim on my tx and still not right. I'm starting to think that my swashplate is out of level. What is the best way to level it out? I also just install all new servos (Henge D922MG). I'm still new at this so any help is great.
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Get a swash plate leveling tool for your size main shaft.

Take off the main head

unplug the motor

connect the battery to the esc

set all the servo arms to 90 degrees from their direction of travel. You can do this either by pulling off the servo arm and resetting it manually onto the servo at 90 degrees or go into your subtrim (if your transmitter has that) and adjust them until they are 90 degrees or perpendicular to the direction of travel.

After you've done all of this, set the tool on the swash plate and see if all three of the legs touch your swash plate connection balls. (you can look it up on youtube to see what I'm talking about)
Whichever one doesn't touch, lengthen the connection rod until it touches. Your swash plate should now be level.
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you can also take a zip tie wrap it around the shaft then cut it when it his the link and spin it to make sure its level all around. I saw this on YouTube I will find the link and it works great! Saves you money!

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Zip tie for the win!

Good idea.
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