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Default WOT

Thanks for the reply Danno.
The link is under the SR Bibe, just below the blade pitch gage video; dx6i setup.
I have tried the dx6i with the throttle reversed and normal both. The results were the same, wot, both ways. I know this does not make any sense and I am stumped as to why this is happening. I have used this transmitter on another heli and it worked fine. I modified the same program for the SR and this happened. Does not make sense. I am going to reset the transmitter and re-enter the set up settings again starting from a clean program. I will try the throttle both ways again and post the results. Have you heard of anyone else having this issue? I made a test block after the first wot issue bit my arm and finger real good. Got a piece of 2x4 a little wider then the landing skids. Sit the heli on this with the 2x4 under the skids, put a thin strip of wood under the heli and over the skids. Screwed this down to the 2x4 and clamped it into my work bench vise. Worked really well on the last wot issue. The vise is high enough off the floor to make unplugging the battery safe. Don'e want to soil my shorts again .
If the reset and throttle reverse/normal test both fail again, what else could cause this? The stock efite transmitter works correctly.
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Default WOT

Well I feel like a fool. Probably look like one too .
I reset the transmitter to factory defaults and re-entered the set up spec's. Just how many times can a grown man read something and still read it wrong? The throttle and pitch are not reversed per the spec's. The spec's say the rudder and pitch are reversed with all others set at normal.. Guess what, everything works great now. Smoothest the heli has ever been. I am used to a little more quicker response so I may play with the expo settings a little tomorrow, it's too windy outside to really do much today. I am at the point where I need to transition to forward flight but I am having trouble doing that. I can hover very smooth and can keep it stationary for a few seconds then drift about a little but not much. I can hover it tail in, nose in and side ways but for some reason I have trouble flying. Seems like I have trouble holding a sane altitude. The heli gets real high real quick then I have to fight to get it back down in one piece (sometimes).
Next basic item I need to address is the gyro settings for the dx6i. I have the yellow gain wire plugged into the receiver and had the eflite transmitter knob set at the 1:30 position. What should be good starting point settings be on the dx6i?
Again thanks for all your help Danno .
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Whew! I thought this was gonna get hairy!! I'm glad it's all working ok now for you. Flying just takes time, be patient with yourself and don't get discouraged if you're not flipping loops in five flights. The most important part of this is taking the time YOU need to learn things and only do what you feel comfortable doing

As far as your gyro settings I would first make sure that A) The head is set up for the right pitch response of around +/-11 degrees B) ESC 2-in-1 is set up to get the tail motor working properly BEFORE gyro inputs. So for this set the gyro switch on your heli with two settings. One at around 40% and the other about 65%. Initialize your heli and use the 40% gyro setting first. Get it light on the skids and note direction of tail movement. The important thing to note at this point is you don't really want to hover it, just get it light enough that the tail can drift if it's gonna. If it doesn't drift, you can skip all this! But, if you get a nose drifting to the left, turn the gain on the ESC toward the "+" sign. If you get the nose drifting to the right, turn the gain on the ESC toward the "-" sign. Use very small adjustments and power cycle the heli and transmitter between settings otherwise the new setting doesn't take effect. Repeat the process until there is no more drift. In most cases when I did this setup, I found that the tail would still bounce around a bit, but wouldn't come all the way around. As long as the tail is basically staying put you're good. Then, flip that gyro switch and see how it holds. What you're doing is setting up the power of the tail motor to compensate for the torque of the main motor. The percentage of gyro gain being 40% puts the heli in "rate" mode so the tail isn't going to try and lock to one position, it will drift unless the power to the tail motor is adequate. By doing this, the gyro isn't making as many inputs and doesn't have to work as hard while just hovering. Once you have it locked down, then play with the gyro settings. Change the 40% setting to say 70% and then hover with the 65% setting, land, switch to the 70% setting and try that. If you get tail wag, the setting is too high, bring it down a touch. It's a trial and error thing, you want as much gain as possible without inducing (excessive) tail wag. I know that's a lot of text, sorry for long winded post.
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Default Tail Wagging

Thanks again Danno for the response and help.
I set the gains at 40% & 65%, then left it on 40% for the first dozen or so run ups. I finally got the esc to the point that the slightest turn either direction on the pot would make the heli turn left or right. Could not get it to completely null out and maintain a heading for more then a few seconds. Went ahead and flipped the gyro switch to 65% and tried it. It would hold a heading after abour four clicks of left rudder trim but the tail was still wagging quite a bit. shut down the heli and transmitter and reset the gyro gains to 69% and 65%. This worked better, less tail wagging. Shut down again and reset the gains to 69% and 70%. At the 70% setting there is very little tail wag at all and it holds heading most of the time. Still has four clicks of left rudder trim but I had this much trim since the heli was new. Not sure if it can be elliminated. I am pleased with the heli and gyro now and it flies much better then it ever has. I am still going to play with the duel rates and expo but I want to wait until a day with light wind. Around here that could be next May . Again thanks for all your help.
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