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hello, i am looking for advice on a belt cp i purchased used and wrecked. main shaft was bent, flybar was bent and the rod that holds the blade holders is bent. main gear had teeth missing and the tail drive pulley, the one that fits to the main gear was also missing teeth. have replaced all but the rod for the blade grips. the problem is that as soon as i began to spin up the main gear, without blades, the tail rotor gear, the one that meshes with the main gear, stripped some of the teeth. what are my considerations?
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Ok, the shaft that connects the blade grips is called a feathering shaft. When things go bad, most of the components you listed will bend or go bad. This happens to any heli.

However, the tail drive gear is a different story. In my 100's of wrecks I have never ruined one. So, The first thing is to find out why this went bad.
I would suspect the tail shaft bearing seized and this caused the gears to strip, being plastic.
Regardless, it needs to be replaced. This will require the frame to be split enough to remove the gear, shaft and bearings. If memory serves me right, the bearing blocks are part of the frame itself.
You will have to go with a stock Esky tail drive gear set, as Esky is different from everybody else. Unlike the main and feathering shafts and main gear, I'm not aware of any aftermarket replacement for the tail drive. Don't mean there isn't, I just have no knowledge of one.
Regardless, it isn't going to be a fun job.

I'm assuming that you didn't get a manual, so if not go online and download one. Take time to look at the illustrated parts break down and get a good idea how everything assembles. This will not only help you taking it apart but also putting it back together.
Take your time and do it right. If something doesn't look right then it probably isn't.
If you get lost, have questions, don't hesitate to ask here.

The good news, there is no setting up the gear lash on the tail drive gear as I said, the bearing blocks are part of the frame.

The bad new, you will need to go over every single part of the heli, especially the tail and make damn sure everything is perfect! These things hate not being right and will quickly destroy themselves if they are not!

There's some good how-to videos on how to set things up. All heli's are basically the same.
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If you don't have any previous experience on cp heli, you might want to look at this video too.
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Originally Posted by Tomstoy2 View Post
However, the tail drive gear is a different story. In my 100's of wrecks I have never ruined one.
My experience is a little different. I managed to break about 3 tail gears in quick succession, never quite found out why because it wasn't through crashing. All of them shed a tooth (which is actually ridiculously hard to spot).

Just to the OP: Both the main gears can be replaced with those for the Eflite Blade 400. The Blade ones are cheaper and far better quality, Esky's are made of something not much harder than cheese! Drop-in replacement. Sadly, the tail speed-up gear isn't exchangeable so you'll have to use stock ones (I think).
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Default regard to help

Thank you all for the advice and help! You guys are awesome!
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EDITED : Oops....posted on wrong thread!!
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