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Engines and Mufflers Having problems or need advice on Engines or Mufflers?

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Default os 37 hyper wont take off

Hi guys, i got a raptor 30 v 2 with a os 37 hyper engine,but i struggle to tune it.the engine is brand new, you can fly one tank then its fine, the next tank it wont even also seems to go trough a lot of glo plugs,its driving me crazy,what can be starts right but asoon as you start giving power for lift off the the engine cuts.can some one please help?
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start by replacing all your fuel lines.
read the manual, it may be too lean, but that might be from bad fuel lines.
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Everything you are desribing is an engine that is too lean. You either need to adjust the needle valves or are sucking air somewhere. Put the needles back to factory settings, what the manual says for a starting point, NOT how they came out of the box. Regardless of what people say, the needles do NOT come set out of the box. If it still runs lean then there is an air leak somewhere. Check the tank, fuel lines, clunk line, filter, and carb to engine seal. You are running muffler pressure, right?
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