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Default Booya!


Had to make this thread because my wife doesn't understand

Just did my first IRL inverted circuits. I've been practicing hard on the sim and just decided to go for it today. It was a little shaky at first, but by the second battery I was able to pull out smooth circuits in both directions and orientations (nose and tail) I got cocky and decided to try figure 8's! Nailed those too without crashing!

Thank goodness for HeliFreak for helping me stay with this hobby! Also thanks for my extended boom mCPX that has been stable and reliable through God knows how many crashes.

Next, I need to man up and try them on my 130X and 450X
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Well done. Its a great feeling. Know what you mean about the other half not understanding. Lol. Wish i could do inverted circuits in real life. Can do them on the sim but to scared to try in real life. well done again!
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It's hard to beat that feeling of pulling off a new maneuver for the first time...gratz!
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mCP-X taught me how to fly inverted, too! I started on MT (days before we had mCP-X) and was able to fly inverted forward lazy 8, and hover nose in. I started learning flying inverted properly (slow pirouettes or at that point pre-pirouettes tight circuits), but the moment I got my hands on mCP-X - pirouetting was all I was doing (inverted) until I was able to fly any orientation (inverted) and do funnels and piro circuits...

Translating those skills to bigger (better) helis is easy if you remove psychology 130 shouldn't be problematic at all and for 450 get it on clear day with little wind and high enough to feel safe and low enough to still be able to see it properly. It is just matter of trying it - not if you know or not. mCP-X is, inherently, harder to fly than good stable 130X or even better 450!
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Originally Posted by clicky View Post
Translating those skills to bigger (better) helis is easy if you remove psychology

LOL. Yup, it always seems easier to learn new things on my 130X than it does on my 700 even though the converse is actually true from a purely objective point of view!!
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Grats dude. Good thing about this hobby, that feeling doesn't stop, you can still keep finding it over, and over. Find me a heli pilot that say he can do everything, and I'll show you a liar.


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