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Default Rear leaning swashplate

Hello everyone. I am a brand new Trex 700E conversion guy. Just purchased this conversion froma friend. Anyway, I ran through my new AR7200 w/BeastX and got everything set up. When I took the bird out for a spool up, it started leaning back. After a closer look, I noticed that the swashplate isn't level during spool-up. I went through the bestX set up again and verified that the swashplate is level in step "G" and everything appears to be set up right but still leans when I spool it up.

Anything helpful tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated. I badly want to get my bird back in the air. I am still just hovering and doing figure 8's with the occasional VERY SOFT 3D flip or so. Thanks again, in advance.

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Sounds like a vibration issue to me. Take the blades off and spool it up on the bench and watch closely what happens.

Also make sure you have no sub trims/trims set anywhere.
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make sure the elevator isn't reversed
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I got on the phone with horizon today and figured out the problem. I went through the Beast a bazillion times and all setting were correct. I ended up going through step "A" in the parameters programing menu and adjusted the swashplate level. I took it out and it spooled up beautifully. I made other adjustments so I am going to go through the programing one more time and then run a pack just hovering and see how she acts.
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Same thing happened to me. I was baffled, I mean why bother having the two menus work almost exactly the same?
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Few things to pay attention to in Parameter G in Setup Menu:

Initially when you first arrive on this step the servos will be taken to their true centre, this is so you can get the servo horns as close to 90deg as posible. This position will NOT reflect the adjustments you make next, Just the true centres.

Once you move the rudder once 2 things happen, 1: One of the servos will jump up and down twice to let you know it is the one you are currently programming the centre point of to get perfect 90deg on the servo horn, 2: all the servos will jump to their programed centre point.

Once you cycle through all the servos you will get back to a position where you started at where all the servos will jump back to their true centres, this does not affect the programming you have done.

This is not the position you want to be levelling your swash at, you want to move over one again on the rudder where all the servos jump to their programmed 90deg centre position. If you do it at true centres then you will not get a level swash if you have had to adjust the centre points on the servos.

Hope that made sense
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