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Default Reducing Elev/Aileron Cyclic Mix% and hovering

I was trying to reduce the overall cyclic pitch in my Aileron and Elevator motions by reducing the Swash Mix fo the Elevator/Aileron Cyclic Mix% down from 60 to about 50 to achieve a maximum cyclic of about +/-8 degrees instead of 10. I left the Collective Mix% so that the maximum collective was +/-12 degrees

What I found after I did this was that I needed a much higher throttle stick setting before the heli would get light and hover. I was a bit puzzled by this because I thought that where the heli would get light depended on the throttle/pitch curves and the Collective Mix% and not the Cyclic Mix% settings.

I am using the SK720 on a TRex 250. It's a bit twitchy and I wanted to smooth it out without Changing a Dual Rate.

Should this have occurred?
Michael Hockstein
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Yes that's normal. The unit will still use the full stick so what you are doing is blurring the resolution(for lack of a better term). I think what you want to do is soften your pitch curve in your transmitter and set the max pos. and neg. pitch with your transmitters pitch curve and a pitch gauge. If that makes any sense.
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