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Default Three Questions About Gas EB - Chris B. Please Conribute Your Suggestions


My collective servo died last weekend and I managed to do a very nice auto with soft touchdown from eye level hover. Since collective servo was mounted from the inside of right upper frame, I had to to disassemble it to get it out. Now the question is: can I mount a new collective servo with mounting flanges from outside the upper frame? it seems that there will be no interference with the canopy, but the manual (Rev 1) suggests otherwise.


My tail servo is 9256 which came with 611 Gyro. After the flight it gets very hot, but it's not burning my fingers and I'd guess the temp is lower then 60 deg C. I'm not sure if this is normal and I'm considering installation of "Chinese Weights". Tail grips on this machine are older design which are not anodized like new versions. I know that Chris made new ones to change something and I'm guessing the reason of redesign was to decrease servo load. Since I'm between jobs right now I'd rather not spend money on new grips at this point and go with cheaper solution. I'd like to add Chinese Weights, but don't know how to install them or how much weight to add and at what moment arm. Please advice?


I've had almost 4 gallons of fuel through this machine/engine since new and the engine is tuned well with practically no vibration or at lest as good as it can get with Hanson Pro Plus mod. I've noticed that tail push rod and boom support struts are hitting harmonic frequencies at stable head speed and it's only matter of time until they fail from vibration fatigue. The question is: Is there a viable and simple solution which has been proven to solve this problem?

Thanks to everyone in advance for feedback.
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