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Originally Posted by wilywampa View Post
It absolutely would, and that's one of the things I'm still worried about. I will definitely only try to use it with the sun to the camera's back because the sun would almost definitely show up as a target. I'm hoping the LEDs I ordered will be bright enough to show up as a target on the Wiimote from 100-200 yards away even with a daylight infrared background. The plan was to put one LED on the left side, right side, front, back, top and bottom of the heli, but if that doesn't work, I might try putting two or more in each of those areas. If that STILL doesn't work, I might have to use a regular webcam instead of the Wiimote and try to track the heli using visible light, which would be pretty challenging.

Apache64: That's correct. The software does connect to the Wiimote and read the coordinates from it.
Cool project. I have to confess I haven't studied the whole thread yet because I'm busy on another project. So you may have already discussed some of what I have below.

I've done a bunch of work with IR LED's and tracking. For what it's worth, looking at the sky isn't too bad. Foliage can be extremely bright in the near IR. Looking at the Sun is pretty much out of the question. If you want to compete with background foliage you'll have to do a number of things:

- Use extremely bright IR LED's.
- Use LED's very close to visible. As you move toward longer wavelength, the CCD response falls off pretty fast.
- Overdrive them like crazy - for very short bursts. You should be able to get over 100 yds by driving a cluster of the right LED's at 1 amp or more for 1/10,000th second burst.
- You'll have to synchronize the camera to match the burst timing. By running 1/10,000th second shutter, you will block out most of the background IR (foliage).
- Use a very narrow bandpass filter. These are typically interference filters. It will have to be matched to your LED's, and have a band pass of no more than +/- 20 nM (10 is probably better). Unfortunately, these filters will run a couple hundred bucks.
- Use image subtraction. This is more or less impossible to do on a camera that's panning, tilting, or zooming. But on a fixed camera you can subtract the image with the LED not pulsing from the subsequent one with the LED on. If the two frames are taken close enouth together, the only thing you should see in the frame will be the IR LED (if everything else is right).
- High frame rate camera. If you don't have high frame rate, the two frames of video won't be similar enough to perform the subtraction.
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I found this guy doing some very intresting work and he has shown a image tracking robot that will follow quite quickly a coloured ballon. I dont think it would take too much effort to convert this to a working device that would track any object, especially if it is brightly coloured as most of our helis are. Heres the link ..
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Default DirectionFinder

Open Source project from



The examples of application of the device:
1. The device is mounted on a radio-controlled vehicle and enables it to pass automatically through the specified gate; to persecute automatically the specified vehicle; to avoid automatically a collision with the specified obstacle.
2. The device is mounted on the active suspension of a video camera and enables the camera to keep automatically the specified object in the center of the shot.
3. The device is mounted on a radio-controlled model of an airplane and enables it automatically to fly above the specified areas or to get into recovery net.

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With the right DVR(Digital Video Recorder) and PTZ(Pan Tilt Zoom) camera you can achieve the same thing but it will probably be a little more expensive.
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What if you're target emitter/IR led pulsed out an ident code and you only tracked a source emitting that code?
You'd need a camera that sampled at a higher enough rate to read the code of course.

If it DID work it would also solve the problem of two or more such tracking systems operating concurrently on the same field.

I think DirectionFinder got there before me re. modulated IR source.
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Default Did you ever get it working?

Just wanted to see if you ever got it to work tracking the heli? If you did let me know how the out come was.
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so nobody has a solution for this tracking project ?
there are only soloshot 2 product that track successfully objects.
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