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Default Dr Okon

Hi Ralph
Ive been talking to Stefan Klee through email as I'd like to evaluate his "speed" batteries for an 1/8th scale world record attempt. Do you have a good working relationship with him? If you'd rather pm me about this that might be best. There is zero concurrence on "luke's" constant troll mode. His lips moving with insult has increased exponentially and from my view it has been then only thing actually animate from him in about 37 years. Still photos of staged parts on a floor and half built boats in his pools is all I ever see.May I suggest to you, if you really look that his boating friends have all started their own successful businesses to push there motor theories and have done well. UWE, HANZ , YOU with Scorpion,,,,,and many others. For whatever reason he hasn't done this but still want to be seen as the leader designer in this develop of but I say hes somewhat "lonely" in this regard and that his Misery simply loves company! He want to yield the swords, direct the work, and control everything but himself when he should be able to execute his own ideas best. I haven't executed any of his ideas as the new winds don't come from him. LRK and DLRK have already been utilized with great success and he get royalties so why he looks for people to be at his knees make very little sense to me. Id have to agree with you on that. To not be able to let go of negativity and move on in his own life shows a true lack of self fulfilling life. He simply should have something better to do like finish a boat and show somebody it run in 37 years. He'd rather do this and cannot understand why tangibility always wins with the pilots. Even a idiot should be able to understand that most basic theme.....

You have the wye - delta thread on RCN lets see what they do. He will post plenty of useless ad hominem here but they wont complete the motor there and run it. I assure you. No scope work and no real connections to the PHDs that hold the keys.

"sebastian want to wind it but he doesnt want Okon and his friends to see it" I think its funny because you have easily tracked the connection and I already know you can wind it. Some stuff is just ignorant. WOW! I dont have time for the 60 year old man who acts like a difficult child.

He once told me you were a racist so I wouldn't like you but I'm smarter than he thinks because I followed up and I asked him if you are such a racist from the communist block then why was he working with you.....

Was the reply.... Christian fools no one with his BS! and many times hes used something that he knows pulls strings to my heart to prevent me from talking to or befriending other people. The only person he wanted me talking to on the german forums was him. That's a fact. I met him with him saying don't goto the German forums they are all mean people. This was because he'd been pushed out from yours obviously. He has deep issues of hurt against you. I'd simply ignore him from then on out. Hopefully he can find solace getting off his house sitting sofa in Bayern returning to real modeling and not his famous keyboard of 37 years that's on every forum possible. Only he a majority male would attempt to manipulate a minority males actions via the race card for his own benefit. He hardly cares about that coz if what he says is true he would have never been around you. It is true He cant have it both ways so yes hes quite a bit of contradiction surrounding what he says. I hate to expose all this but with him and his ad hominem some truth has to be publicly provided. It truly would be better if he cannot stop and move on in a positive direction that he leave or take a time out. Think about it all his current conduct is because I wont build a boat using ideas from the USSR. I chose to follow the design principle of HOF U-1 designer Ron Jones Jr. He made an incorrect assessment of one of Jones's boats and also the MH54 airfoil and when you call him on it he does all this and recalls all his achievement from 3 decades ago as if it makes any difference to the discussion at hand. I guess this is what you do when you cannot dispute if an airfoil has camber or not. I guess you do this when you find out your Italian idol who gave you an autograph 7 litre record speed is lap speed in an American past time of U-1 racing. Or that every modern U-1 hydroplanes still uses several of Ron Jones ideas all throughout. This man is said to have built over 500 real boats. Has christian winded 500 motors. He definitely hasn't built even 500 model boats so why is he legitimate critic of a Jones inspired boat when he doesn't even really know the man or his history in our sport? Sometime he talks too much and just gets on my nerves! This was one of them. Im also an American and dont need his eastern ideas of superiority in engineering and design popping up in my threads because what he believes about our ability and what I know about it makes him more than wrong it makes him foolish and truly the bearer of systemic exclusion. More or less he has racist ideas in his head when it comes to who he thinks is smart or not. He never held up an American or a minority as some great person to learn from. He brings the USSR military airplane into the discussion about a boat but calls you red.Hes even a better plane designer that Howard Hughes. Good ole' Chris, yep hes all that!

This "silly" thing you all have had has gone on long enuf. I has a million collateral victims. Lucas need to wind and show his own ideas its just that simple. To have a technical debate doesn't require ad hominem so he cant act like an adult just ignore him. You see JAGS pass the same advice!His 2 friends on rcline were also prima donnas and I don't like them either.

Its funny what he says about race. If you as Kuni to show you the German boating thread you can see clearly in his own PUBLIC words that hes the one with major concern if I'm black or white and has quite a bit not nice to say about it on the German forum. He actually questioned my race. Why does that matter? So you see this man has a princess cut face with many sides. Of course they kicked me for saying alot less in reply. You can read all that because they are so rude and racist apparently that they left it all up.... What's really new on this planet? Its been the same my entire existence here. That's always been an issue for at least 1 on any RC site. That's why I'm 1BOHO! And also the reason I needed to end this union finally. It just isn't for me. The way he thinks is intrusive and very rude and assuming. We've never really been all that as friends . He doesn't have a number to dial. I can tell you when he sent me the plates i gave him my parents addy and he went on google trying to look at my house and make a social economic status assessment. He made some comment and I laughed and said yeah I gave you their address because I dont truly trust all your intentions and i was right. Why is he spying on my parents house. When I got his addy I hardly cued it up on google maps. This guy prys way too far with zero permission.And for what? What was he looking for? If im rich or poor? Why no ask me what our house looks like if that's a concern of his? I didn't like that crap either! REALLY STRANGE!!!! Hes very manipulative in a evil sense. Hes all on google maps looking at ya house!!! I don't know how ya'll roll over there but must real men here don't do that. You have to understand christian and how he works. He poses as a friend then goes and pms back n forth behind ya back and he thinks you dont know....Hes had many invalidated reports on me from his back door buddies that have never met or any models I own in their LIVES!!!!!!!! Plus they cant say any of it to the face.

Then u had this baseless taxman threat about gifted plane parts. Its totally hater and ridiculous. Its like an jealous person has nothing better to do than think all that bs up! I cant put up with him any longer. He talks ad hominem alot on others and I prefer action and tangibility to prove points. He threatened me with lawyers also coz I post his real contradiction emails he sends as he tries to lie online about various things like me and boats he has indeed tested etc. I laughed and I told him my Title VII federal litigation lawyer on escrows name and advised him to call. He's the one in fact that has handed out someone else's intellectual properties so hes the one that needs to quickly settle down. I mean him acting a fool surely won't change any outcome.

a scope
a signal generator
and a test stand.

Let him start his own thread with still photos from his pool and see how lone before it hits the bottom. He doesn't own any thread that have been viewed with any great frequency or interest.

"Diese Flugzeuge werden von Clowns entworfen, die von Affen beaufsichtigt warden....."

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