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Originally Posted by Xfreak3D View Post
do you do parallel charge on the duo? or jus single pack at one side of charger?

GT charger seems a shortcut of the powerlab firmware?

just went to my LHS get the isdt sc-620 500w ( $55)... charged 4packs 5200mah @ 400W.. seems so far so good..
and its half price of the GT Eight

but i stil not really confident on the isdt charger.. so i charge the 4 packs outside my house.. dont dare to do inside..

but i would go for a better charger like the DuoPL in near future.. to be safe
Yes, I charge one pack per channel on the Dual PowerLab 8x2.

GT series is not a firmware shortcut. It was designed from the ground up to be a less expensive option for those who don't want or need all the bells and whistles the PowerLab series offers.
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That's true if the DPL is your only charger.

I have a PL8, CellPro 10s, & Hyperion 720 Super Duo so I'd be fine if I had to send mine in.

It sounds like you have at least one other charger too so you would still be able to charge.

The primary advantage of the DPL (for me) is it has a smaller footprint (and is less expensive) than (2) PL8 units.

I was trying to shrink my charging case so I went with the DPL 8.

Originally Posted by Xfreak3D View Post
i dont see the purpose of having 2 charges stick into 1 unit..

if 1 unit damage.. i have to send whole charger back. better buy split 2 units.. so if i unit damage.. i still got 1 to use ?

GT800 is going for $99, but i read some issues with parellel charging
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