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Default Axe 100 CP with TX610 transmitter help

Hey every,

This is my first post here. Also im extremely new to this RC Heli flying hobby. I started with the Syma S107G but got bored of it very quick so i bought a Axe 100 CP FBL RTF.

I like the heli but its extremely hard for me to fly it. Its way too fast for me right now. I cant even get it to be in a stable hover. I can hover it okay if i am like 6 inches off the ground and that too for a very short time (maybe 30 seconds at most). If i get higher than that, it goes all over the place.

I find the sticks way too sensitive. With the slightest input the heli zooms in the said direction.

Being that I am new and unfamiliar with all the settings, I dont understand most of what I read in terms of settings on the transmitter online. I read things about expo and curves and DR rates, etc. All just confused the crap out of me. The descriptions of all that in the manual are very bad for a new hobbyist.

I simply want to get the heli to be much slower for now until i can get the feel for it. I want to be able to get a decent hover going without much stick input and also be able to get into slow piros and such with it zooming past with the slightest stick input.

I dont know what to change and how to change it on my TX610 transmitter that came with it to make that happened. Any detailed help with simple explanations of what the said changes will do will be extremely helpful and greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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any help would be getting so confused due to a lack of info for the tx610 and not being able to understand the settings in terms of this transmitter and the axe 100 cp.
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