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Default DX8 - Anylink-Axe CP100

Hey Guys,

did a search and came up empty.... sorry I was thinking I am not the first person to have this problem.. hoping I could solve it without making a post that already been answered in a earlier post

I have a DX8 Radio, with any link and a AXE CP100 heli

I have got the bind ok, got the tail and servo's elevator and aileron working...

but when I spin the motor up... none of the servos move to give me + pitch to get off the ground ?

if I change the swash plate type to 1 normal the servo's don't move, if I put it on 3 servo's @ 90 deg. they move but all wrong ??

any idea's ?

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I just did this yesterday with a dx6i. The Anylink manual is not that good. All of the servo directions were wrong.

First did you leave the dx8 off and just plug in the AnyLink? The dx8 power switch has to be off.
2. The swash type must be set to 1 servo.
3. Follow the instructions in the AnyLink manual for Alternate Channel Mapping. Bottom of page 5 in my manual. This must be used with the CP 100 or anything that does not have a separate full size receiver.
4. After 3 your channel mapping for the dx8 is in the chart on page 6 of the AnyLink manual.
5. Set up the dx8 per the CP 100 manual on page 13. But as I said mine were all backwards from what it says for REVERSE except the pitch. That was OK. Throttle, Aileron, Elevator and tail on the dx6i were different from what it says.
6. Bind the hell by pushing the little black button on the CP 100 board for 3 seconds and releasing.

Hope that helps.
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PM me your email address, I have it set up and flying on my DX8. Since we can't attach files, I can send you the setup. I ran into an issue this morning where the Pitch wasn't working and everything else was, so I hit the bind button on the heli and everything straightened out. Just a heads up for anyone having that issue.
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Default DX8 - Anylink-Axe CP100

I also am looking for the settings for my DX8 - Anylink-Axe CP100 setup.

Thanks, Ken
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Ok, I posted my settings on RCG here I didn't really set up idle up since I'm still a noob with helis, but there are plenty of DX8 setup videos on how to do this.
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If you're still looking for a DX8/AnyLink setup for your Axe CP 100, check post 131 in this thread.

You can copy the profile there directly to your transmitter after creating a new model.

You may want to change the settings after flying your particular helicopter, depending on your flying style.

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