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Default First Rebuild!

After about 80 flights, I finally had my first crash. Was doing rolls for the first time IRL and lost sight behind a tree. Hit the TH and smacked into a tree. Broken: tail boom, main gear, tail boom support braces and the gears in 2 cyclic servos.

Without the help of this forum, I wouldn't have been able to complete the rebuild as well as I did! I am 8 flights back in and she is stable as when I bought her, if not better. Especially thanks to Talesin for all his posts which helped me though a lot of the small issues.

Here is to another 80 flights until the next rebuild!!
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Congrats, heres hoping we can all get 80 flights or more tilll first crash!
450x,500X, DX8, many fixed wing aircraft, and many other sold Blade helis floating around out there....
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80 flights is pretty darn good considering you just lost sight of it!

I crashed on flight 4 (450X brown out) but there was absolutely zero damage and I recently ran it into some overhead power lines on prob flight 50-60 (somewhere in there) after doing a couple of backflip/rainbow hybrids...only minor damage which was surprising as it fell 20 odd foot into the ground after it hit the wires at 100% TC!

My other heli hasn't been quite as lucky and is on major rebuild number 7 atm.

If anything, I'm actually pretty good at the rebuilds setup though now!
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