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Default Low headspeed on Avantgarde, just thinking

I just saw a video of a guy flying a Compass 6HV at 1200 rpm headspeed for 12 minutes and it got me thinking, I might try setting mine up as a 6s low headspeed heli.

The reasoning is this: If I gear for 6s I know it won't have the power of 12s, hence the low headspeed idea. But it would enable me to share packs with the bigger helis, which means I can charge the same group of packs (mostly 4000mah, a few 5000s and a pair of 3500s) and have an alternative heli I can fly without needing a whole other batch of packs charged.

I don't know, I'm just thinking out loud.
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Sounds like an IDEAL project now your running the tri-blade head. More efficiency of lift on the lower head speed should also give better flight times. I may have to rethink my set-up before final configuration myself.

If ya do it, keep in touch and let us know your results? Perhaps a comparison between the 2 and 3 blade heads as well?

I had been thinking this too, just for the sake of sharing packs with my eventual Archon 500 purchase as well (but have a 12S motor atm still needing to get an ESC so can easily change my mind).

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