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FPV and Real time Video Discussions of receiving video in realtime from the aircraft

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Default My first FPV Setup - Blade 450x Helicopter


Here are a few details and picts of my very first FPV build! Keep in mind that I am a 100% noob when it comes to FPV so this setup may be "less than optimal" but I view it as a learning experience. For all I know, I may not even like it.

My goal was to build a low-cost helicopter for FPV that I could fly around in the 25 acre field behind my house. I will be maintaining line-of-sight and an absolute maximum distance of around 1500 feet.

Flight Hardware & Electronics:

  • Blade 450x v1(100% stock hardware)
  • Upgraded H3020 metal servos
  • Microbeast Plus Pro v4.1 w/attitude control (I am guessing this will come in handy for FPV)
  • Spektrum AR9020 9-Channel receiver w/2 Sats

FPV Gear:
  • Fat Shark Dominator HD2
  • FatShark Trinity Head Tracker Module for Dominator Goggles
  • Fat Shark Dominator 5.8GHz Receiver Module
  • FatShark 700TVL V2 WDR CMOS ON PAN TILT (I will likely upgrade this soon)
  • DragonOSD v2 Combo: OSD, Current Sensor, and GPS
  • Immersionrc 600mw +2 Fat shark SMA antennas

Before anyone asks, the large black "boom with a T" on the front of the helicopter is a level and direction indicator that I made out of Zip-Ties and hot glue. I need to get an electronic artificial horizon on my OSD but thats proving harder than I thought to source. I also need to add a filter to the GPS wire and secure it to the tail support, the current implementation is only temporary.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!

DX9, 600x, 500x, 450x, 300cfx, and a nano CP Xs or two (plus the stuff I have hidden from my wife...)
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Wow, very nice. Total noob at this but love seeing what people come up with.
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I am contemplating a similar setup but my heli is much older, flybarred B400. Why two battery packs?
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Nice setup.I like the level indicator good idea.The only thing I would say is do your first flights without the head tracker or lock your camera in a fixed position.

I fly heli's Los but also fpv racing quads.I have my camera stabilized on the tilt axis but I can program what percent of correction. I only use a small percent because it makes it hard to fly without the feedback if it keeps the camera too level.I'm thinking if you have pitch and yaw it could be a challenge.Flying fpv with a flight cam on a gimbal is not recommended.

Since yours is on a head tracker and you have stabilization on the FBL with your horizon indicator it might be doable.I guess with the tracker you can all ways re set to center

Anyhow just something to think about.I'm thinking about fpv on my 450 x
too at some point. Good luck with the maiden.
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