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Default Stabilized 450 helicopter

Is it possible to stabilize a 450 in hover so that if flies with the precision I see in F3C flights? I gather commercial FBL units are not the answer. One of the open source software/hardware systems maybe? Thanks in advance.

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Flight stabilization forum may be a better place for your question.

I'm guessing there is a lot of detail missing in your question too...

Do you want fly F3C or just have a stable hover? Do you want an autopilot or just a stable setup for hovering?
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I'd forgotten I had posted this. I am really looking for a stable hover. I would really prefer not to do it with an autopilot, though I have dabbled in that direction.

The BeastX seems to hold attitude better than the Robird did. But it really needs smaller corrections than I can consistently make to set the attitude correctly so it will stay still (DR 65%, Expo 20% and reduced throws on the servos). When it starts to translate, it needs a correction to stop the translation and get it going in the other direction. Then a correction to stop the translation when it gets to its original spot, then, as it stops, a third correction to put it back to level so it will stay still. I really wish it would just stay still.......

The old worn out "no name" flybar head did better. I could land under power and hold position much better, although it didn't hold attitude as well. But you could see the attitude change and fix it before it went anywhere. The new Sport V2 flybar head acts more like the BeastX. It seems really hard to get it to settle. Plus the phasing is different, so I keep chasing it in circles. But I only have a few flights on it, so maybe things will get better with practice.

Long answer, sorry,...............

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I'd say don't be afraid to adjust the D/R or expo further to see if it results in smoother corrections. Also how low are you running the headspeed?
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