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Default Ergo 60 to FBL Help Please

Hi everyone, first thing first, I just recently decided to get back into RC flight again, sooo plains and helis. Been out of it for quite a few years. I kept my ergo 60 and now want to start back up. I know I need a new radio for FBL and couple other things but as far as the hardware to upgrade my ergo to FBL I am a little fuzzy on. Sooo if I am heading in the wront direction could someone put me on the right path. I know I have a 10mm main shaft. Stock blades are 680mm and can go up to 700. Heli is nitro powered. I will be doing the ccmp 120/140 conversion on it. My main question is after that do i just need to get a FBL head and bold it up or is there other mechanical things I need. I am getting a new 2.4 radio and gyro ect sooo that I dont need help with. Would this work and all I need or can I go with a 30 to 50 size head. Any help would be great.

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The Ergo 60 is a decent heli as is with a flybar. If it was me trying to decide I would keep the Ergo stock and put the money needed for a good conversion into a used FBL purposed heli. It will save you money in the long run because of the amount of parts and electronics needed to convert an older machine like the Ergo. One option would be to sell the JR heli and take the money for it and add the additional money that it would take for the conversion and buy a decent used FBL heli ready to go. That's just my two cents worth. I think that you'll be happier in the long run by doing it this way.
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I know you contacted me first off about the conversion. I have some flybar helis including an old Shuttle and just fly them as is. Flybar is not that much different for sport flying once the head is all set up right. Any model that was at least somewhat popular still has available parts out there if you search. I'm sure whatever it needs we can help you find.
So do consider leaving it as is and enjoying it while buying something FBL used that is newer. It's not a bad suggestion as mentioned above.
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Thank you both for the advice, I have been looking on the this forum as well as another and will probly do that. Yes this heli is very nice when set up properly. I thought it would be cheaper to convert it but as I am finding out the new heads are around the cost of a FBL heli, even the small ones that are FBL.
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