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Default Building 800 RC Helicopter

Hey all,

I'm new to these forums, and a bit new to the RC Heli world. I was hoping to get some input on an RC helicopter I'm looking at building.

I知 looking at building an RC helicopter system for both personal and professional use. I have some RC helicopter and RC plane experience, but I have never built a system from the ground up. I致e been reading through as much material as I can to get a good grasp of the hardware/components. The intention is to eventually use the helicopter with an autopilot. I don't expect to be doing too much in the way of acrobatics (for now). For the professional side of things, I expect fairly consistent flight speeds, and altitudes with flight following a gridded style pattern.

I知 building the system with flight stability and longer flight times in mind but also able to carry a payload. The payload weight will vary from a few extra grams up to a kilogram or two (if possible). I am thinking that the Triabolo 800 heli would fit my needs well.

From here, I致e started to select the components to go onto it but I wanted to see if anyone with more experience/understanding than me had any suggestions. I知 not sure if my selection is flight time friendly, or if I知 providing enough power, torque, etc to everything.

Right now I知 thinking of the following:

RC Kit Triabolo 800 ()
Transmitter Futaba 18SZ
Receiver Futaba R7008SB (comes with transmitter)
Tail Servo - Futaba BLS274SV S.Bus2 HV Programmable Heli Tail Servo
Swashplate Servo - Futaba BLS273SV S.Bus2 HV FBL Helicopter Servo
Motor (Brushless) Kontronik Pyro 750
ESC - KOSMIK 200 HV (not sure on the best one here)
Gyro (heading hold) Futaba GY701
Battery (high mAh for extra flight time) Unsure on good manufacturer and what C rating to go with atm
BEC I understand that a lot of ESC痴 have a BEC built in (or similar), so might not be necessary.

Battery monitor

Any input would be very welcome. If see something I知 missing let me know. I look forward to pulling the trigger and making the purchase(s)!

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Ok you have an elephant on your plate.... and there are several different ways you can digest it. I would suggest you take one bite at the time....

First of all what will you do? Camera work? Air surveillance.... land measurements.... it all comes down to requirements and desires.

800 size does not necessarily mean that the platform will carry more weight for longer times. It is a fine balance with different setups. Currently gas powered helicopters are capable of longer flights since the extra batteries mean more take off weight.

Look up bergen rc helicopters. They focus on industry as well as hobby.

Read a bit about the 4 blade head systems. They require less head speed for the same lift capacity. Triablo is geared for 3D so it spins fast to perform maneuvers.
Scale rc helicopters focus more on what you are looking for. Multi blade systems with lower head speeds carrying more weight.

If you provide more info we can surely help


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Thanks for the response Gh. The suggestions are much appreciated. It sounds like I'll need to do some more investigating!

I've responded to your pm in more detail than here.

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