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Originally Posted by Hopester View Post
What brushed ESC? I tried that, but it made the LEDs flicker, even at full power.
The brushed motors ESC are Turnigy 20A (got them on eBay, it was some 3 years ago but I see they are still available there).

Here's my rig:
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no reason to use a brushed esc. the dc converters are like a dollar a peice and can take up to 28 volts and put out whatever you want. also they weigh 2 grams a peice. but yeah, like number said, 1s is already too much to power leds. some will last short term on 1s, but not efficiently and eventually blow. these converters are working perfectly. the only place I'll need resistors is on the blades. so far I've soldered 160 leds between the canopy and tail fin. more than 200 to go. I'll post picks before long. it looks sweet. you can make very precise patterns with these 0805's. after having some practice, I can now solder like 40 of them in 10 minutes. didn't end up using hot air gun. just iron and solder paste.
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Brushed ESC is good idea, but I am making Glow Wire rig so I can't do it.. On other hand it is like 3-4W and I do not like idea of using all those from only one cell, battery is 1300 mAh... I know it will be okay.. but..
But on other hand, I was thinking a bit and it is looking like I will need 2 Glow Wires (one on canopy, other on frame, so I can remove canopy) and I can draw from first 3 cells for one and last 3 for other glow wire (when I get those 12V glow wires).. That is nice Idea.. Thanks!!
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