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Originally Posted by R.Lim View Post
Of course, you are right, if you have to go to USA or straight fort to Germany to buy Mikado Logo helie, then the price in Indonesia would be cheaper.
But that was not my thought, I thought that the taxes,such as import taxes, added value in Indonesia are not that high.
Anyway, how is in Indonesia at this moment? I was born in Indonesia, Tjeribon, and I used to speak, write and read Bahasa, but, to my surprising, your Bahasa has changed so much, and to me, it is not possible to understand the bahasa any more. Only some words are still in my mind.
I have left Indonesia 50 years ago, I was 16 years and have finished SPM and I sat at the first class SMA B . I don't know if you know what I meant, because, I think you are all < 30 years.
Hi, Lim..
Nice to know you.. I'm Ronny..Just read your post..maybe little bit late to reply..but it doesnt matter, doesn't it ?
As I understand, you were born in Indonesia and had live there so many years. And you were wondering why Bahasa now is so much different than before, when you were stay in Indonesia...
Actually, these changes happened after 1975, when my goverment revised the Indonesian language grammar. We called it EYD (Ejaan Yang Disempurnakan). It only the speelling has changes, but the pronounce still same. Example, "Tjirebon" now become Cirebon.., " doeloe" now become "dulu", etc..
Some of those guys above are writing in local accent, that's why a little bit difficult for you to understand..
I hope you get it, because my English are not perfect..
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