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Ladies with Helis & Heli Widows Ladies who fly Helis and Wives of Heli Flyers. Guys, please leave the new threads to the ladies

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I bought a micro plank (Parkzone T-28, love that thing) and buddy-boxed with her a week ago. She's enjoying it and got all the safety routines down almost like she's been doing it for years just by watching me. Now she's actually asking me go go fly again tomorrow. She also gave me this (see picture). She looked everywhere for helis. Cutesly little chocolate planks and a blimp.

But hey, I like these ultra micro planes a lot (the bigger ones seem utterly boring to me, be it jets, 3D or scale, I do find interest in gliders and FPV though).
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Originally Posted by Crowbar View Post
I recommend against flying a 500 as a very first heli. These things are dangerous as hell and as a beginner, you need to make the mistakes.

I'd recommend getting the Phoenix flight simulator, Blade MSRX and a DX6i first.
whew.. thank goodness. I was hoping someone would chime in on the 500. Starting off with a 500 is a big mistake in a long line of mistakes. I cringe whenever I hear someone advise a beginner to start on a 450 or 500 machine. 10 years ago yes, simply because options were limited. But with quality Micro helis readily available nowadays, it only makes sense to start there.

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Look at it like this:

Why do you want to fly helis? Fun to fly? You like fixing them? You like the idea that you have to fine tune everything before you can fly it?

Me I like flying, HATE the building / repairing part but look at it as a necessary evil... and would rather pay someone to tune a flybar than do it myself... (OH YEAH... I did away with flybar stuff since I am a computer programmer... So I dodge the whole psycho tuning side.)

While bigger helis are more predictable and stable, they take more tuning, break more parts when they crash, and take more time to get your nerves in order.

V911 - Super fun fixed pitch that is nearly indestructible. (Literally... If it crashes just punch it and it will breakdance a little, land rotors up, and fly off.)
V944 - Good flying, fast but stable flybarless fixed pitch micro. (Crash and she may break... Parts need no tuning.)
180QX (and nQX)- Excellent flying quad... (Slim chance of breaking parts. Greater if your flying under power when you hit ground.)
200srx - New one with bail out and auto-level... Should be incredible. 200 size. (Crash, and stuff WILL break, and WILL NOT work just attaching the new part... Should take some tuning.)
300 and up... - If you crash it, you will work for hours to get it to fly like it did pre-crash... (EX: Feathering shaft replacement... Remove blades, they need to be balanced and tracked again...etc.)
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