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Ladies with Helis & Heli Widows Ladies who fly Helis and Wives of Heli Flyers. Guys, please leave the new threads to the ladies

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Default So I met this lady in HobbyTown

...but she had a boyfriend.

Anyway, I was very impressed with her knowledge. She had some sort of degree with automotive and had just recently became involved in RC cars. I appreciated her patience, 'cuz she got over my head pretty quick (but was still able to explain things simply.) Her and her boyfriend were wanting to convert a vehicle motor from brush to brushless. I believe she was successful even though they had to piece it together from parts (I had to leave before her and the HobbyTown guy finished putting it together.)

I enjoyed talking to her! I've heard the stories about how women aren't taken seriously in the RC heli hobby and I wonder if it's different in the RC car hobby?

Anyway, I hope to meet more women in the RC heli hobby like that lady (not that I'm comparing anyone, I just meant "friendly.") I look forward to learning from them!
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Sounds like you had an awesome time. Too bad you had to leave before they finished that motor. I would have liked to known if they got it to work.

I have never had an issue with anyone not taking me seriously in the helicopter world so far. If they aren`t, they are not doing when I`m around....LOL

Anyway....I`m glad you had a nice time chatting with her.
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