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Default Buying a 3D printer

Howdy, long time since I have been on HeliFreak (having a temporary break from helis while my hands are occupied with 2 toddlers).

But I am buying a 3D printer, a topic I know very little about and thought of HeliFreak as being a place where someone would know something.

Can anyone please let me know if this seems any good and/or what I should be looking for when buying a 3D printer.

Many thanks for your help.
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Here is a fairly in depth buyers guide on what's out there, helped me out with making my decision: Link
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Default well first rule of thumb

dont buy one that you have to buy filament from them, you dont get a lot for you money and its just a pain.

me on the other hand

i got the XYZ Davinchi 3d printer
yes have to buy their cartridges...........But i hacked mine with free software, and a 10 dollar mod chip, so i can refill the cartridge or just hang large spool on side and put in hacked cartridge so it thinks its full,

plus you can install Repiter firmware software, and do what ever you want with printer........abs, pla. flex, change heat setting........

so im happy with mine

best thing i got it for free.......some one couldn't figure out table leveling and got frustrated, and i got it
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I'm at the Ulitmaker Original + kit which would be interesting to build but seems to be some reliability issues?

Or already assembled the Up Box.

An outsider (beyond my current budget but I might just get there) is the Ultimaker 2+.

If anyone has any knowledge of these it would be great.
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I have really liked my Original Prusa i3 Plus from

Also, here is a recent quick review of the UP! Box from Maker's Muse on Youtube
UP! Box 3D Printer Review - Big ABS Prints! (11 min 4 sec)

I have also heard some good things about the Wanhao Duplicator i3, but support can sometimes be hit or miss. I have a friend who recently purchased one and he said there is a pretty large community of users which can also help getting through any "teething pains." Here is a review video for the Duplicator
Review of the Wanhao Duplicator i3 V2 3D Printer #3DPrinting (11 min 59 sec)

The state of the hobbyist level of 3D printers require a little bit of fiddling to get things right, which I think is part of the fun. As you spend more money, you get to closer to more of a just works out of the box like with the UP! Box or XYZ Da Vincis, but then you start getting into the issue of proprietary hardware/software/materials in order for them to better control the environment to help make it more of a plug-n-play experience.
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My Lulzbot Mini has nearly 200 prints now and only maybe 4 bad/destroyed and those were to due bad model with overhang (no support causing the ABS to fall over). Amazing since it takes 20 minutes out of the box to begin your first print.

I've printed at least 100+ parts for my FPV quads and plan to print odds and ends for my helis (I'm new). Battery trays and LED/Light mounts will probably be the first parts
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Am also in the markt for a 3D printer, but need a big one, so am looking at minimum of 400x400x300 mm.

Seems that getting larger multifacetted models correctly printed is quite a challenge
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I just upgraded from a Mini Fabricator to a Velleman Vertex which is laid out similar to the Ultimaker. The kit went together easily and I'm very impressed with the print quality so far.

It doesn't come with a heat bed but many have added one. I like the fact that it requires assembly as I now have an intimate knowledge of how everything works. And the lack of heated bed doesn't bother me since I prefer to work with PLA since it is biodegradable.

I have printed dissolvable support using HIPS in the second extruder and the results were great so far.
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