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Default Auto Leveling

Here's something that I have been wondering for a while. I know auto leveling and bailouts aren't allowed in competition but more and more FBL units are coming out with these features.

I'm just wondering how this will be addressed. I know you can still buy units that don't have these features but what happens if they all go this direction? How would the officials be able to ensure that these aren't being used during competition?

Just curious to see what other ppl's opinions are.

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Helis setup for F3C are very smooth.
Pulling the switch for bailout or self level would be pretty evident during a competition.
For example if you've flown the Brain/Ikon and engaged self level you've seen that cyclic inputs are visible and the Heli's correction to level is obvious. This would result in a loss of points for the manuever due to model being jerked around.
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