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Default Helix blades advice

Hi guys,

I've bought a set of used Helix blades, i put them straight onto my trex 700e that was flying perfect, but noticed the tracking was off. I put a pitch gauge on and noticed 1 blades was at a perfect 0 degrees and the other was at -1.

I adjusted the link to get it set perfect, but the heli fly's horrible. Any small input on the cyclic or pitch causes very bad bobbles. I tried lowering the head gain a lot but there is no change.

I have noticed that if i switch from one blade to the other in the same blade grip on the heli i get 2 completely different number. One blade reads 0 degrees mid stick and the other reads -0.8. I checked my aligns to see what they where reading but i was getting 0 degrees to 0.2 so they are really close.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Is this maybe a bad set? Seems to me like its maybe not a matching pair of blades as i would expect the numbers to be very close on the same blade grip. Any advice would be great!
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