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Default How to do 19.1.6 Loop

In can do a flip but to do the loop are you supposed to do it fast or slow and use negative collective at the top? How big of a loop?

How about the roll. I can do a fast aileron roll on a plane and a slow roll with the rudder inputs but how about on a heli. Is it done fast with just Aileron? Or slow with other inputs?

I can't find many youtube videos showing such basic things.
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On page 35 of the PDF you will find a drawing of the maneuvers for the Sportsman class.

You should fly the loop at a high speed. The size of the loop will be determined by how much elevator you input and your speed. The bottom and top of the loop must to be centered on you.

The aileron roll has no speed requirement. However when you are inverted the heli should be centered on you. Flying this maneuver fast will make it look better. Lastly, if the heli is setup properly you shouldn't have to input rudder or elevator during the roll. If you do it'll likely result in a points downgrade.

Feel free to ask more questions.
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