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Originally Posted by BrokeDad View Post
Fortunately I can just walk outside and go flying. The majority of them have never traveled except from store to home or seller to home. I do have one (500EFL Pro) that has sat in it's kit box now for 11+ months. Maybe I can get Maypole to buy it so he has spare parts for his.
I may have to make a trip up there and fly in your yard lol. I'd love to see your fleet!
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I have 4 not flying I'd like to have flying, 2 new builds and 2 repairs. Weather is going to suck for the next few months so motivation is low. Plus I have 5 flying for when the weather isn't awful. I like not being in a hurry to fix things, but I'll admit it's annoying when things start piling up.

A typical trip to the field these days I only take 3, 2 nitros and 1 electric 700. Once I have my 800 built that'll probably come along as well. 600 nitro may be a regular when I get it back together, but I'm not sure now that the 700s are holding up.
Too many, and yet, not enough.
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It really bugs me when my heli's are not in 100% flying condition, even if a little part is broken that doesn't affect anything, I still replace it, just obsessive compulsive I guess....
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Originally Posted by Indokast View Post
I may have to make a trip up there and fly in your yard lol. I'd love to see your fleet!
I'll tie them all to a lawn chair and fly south !!
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Originally Posted by TowPilot View Post
It is a hobby, I don't really even need the hobby
Yep I wouldn't want to do it full time, then it would feel like a job.
Keeping It Simple, Slow and Steady FTW.
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I have around 9 helis at the moment. only the smaller ones
don't get any flying at the moment. and about 6 planks so far.
I cant stand having anything not working, they all have to be up
and running when the weekend comes. specially helis.
that's just me.
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The way I see it helis are my friends...

... and I can never have too many friends

Most of mine are good to go at any given time but there always seem to be a few that either need something or I want to change something.

And somehow there is always a new model that I'm thinking or dreaming of buying. I just can't help myself.

I gotta admit though, I enjoy building and setting up almost as much as flying
"Gravity never fails"
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Have 4 not flying but don't care to get them flying. Only have/want 2 that fly and usually only fly one of them but it's always fliable. If I crash then I repair it the same day since I have multiples of every part and a spare airframe with motor

Oops forgot about the flybarred Walkera in the basement, 5 not flying since it fell off a tall shelf and broke one of the plastic main grips. Have more grips but won't repair it since other parts for it are hard to come by these days. Otherwise would probably fly it for a change from fbl now n then. Also have a nano cpx and 120sr but don't count those
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5=4 flying 1thats getting some parts from a wreck earlier this season. So just two more parts a horizonal fin. Cf boom supports need new cf n a set of 420 blades and she' ll n rtf that is also ATM I will be acquiring a g500 next week so it will total 6 5 flying + 3 planks 2 dlgs that need push rod n finally assembly balancing hope to aquire a 700 before season starts too maybe add a umx a10 to the deal for the present indoor season and possibly a indoor 3s sized Heli Hopfilly a Baby goblin 270 size
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I'm a minimalist. I have very few possessions. I can fit everything I own in the back of a Toyota regular cab truck. That includes four helicopters.

That is except my 40' yacht.

I had a 6 figure income for 18 years, filled my life with so much stuff always trying to fill the emptyness inside me.

I came to understand after great disparity that things and excess cause nothing but stress and tie me to an income and serous loss of freedom.

4 helicopters for me is 1 too many, but I'm ok with that for now.

They are always ready to fly unless waiting on parts from a crash which is often.

I'm free, really free.

Btw, it took 4 years to get rid of all my stuff and i worked on it pretty steadily.
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Originally Posted by Indokast View Post
2 lipos.. do you just share them and recharge after every flight or two?
Yes very cheap. I fast change at 3C (15 mins) while I alternate helis. Pretty much all day long.
"It's not just a hobby... it's a lifestyle" - Pete ϟ
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I do try to keep every machine flight ready at all times.

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My helis are typically flight ready,BUT!
Sometimes I'll look at one and say to myself, what if I..........then on the bench it goes!
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I always try to have everything flying and try to stick to 3 primary helis. Work, however, tends to interfere with that plan. Lately I've been stalled and it's killing me.
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I have 6. All are flying except the 600n since it's still waiting on servo wheels. I've slowly been converting it to FBL.

They've also all been flown in the last couple of weeks. I have considered parting with my 230s Night flier. I bought it for night flying this winter but it's just been bad weather and haven't had a chance. I don't necessarily need anything for now. The 380 and 180cfx are great trainers and do whatever I ask of them. I have good eyesight so I don't need bigger. The 600n is my nitro just for nitro fun and my XK110 is perfect for the park next to my house. I also have a nano CPS but just haven't been flying it since I got the XK.

I try to keep them up and running I can't stand half finished projects.

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Old 01-11-2017, 02:46 PM   #36
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I always have something down, keeps me busy. At the moment

Stretched x4 - crashed, going to put it back normal and add formula parts

Chase 360 - finish up ikon config, replace esc I stole for other project

180cfx - a couple need some other or such

360cfx - about to strip electronics for quick sale

X3l - needs shims above owb, a pain so it's sat

250 size quad - minor crash damage

Goblin 500 - mechanical setup issue that's got me pulling my hair out

I'm prolly leaving something out

At least I got the 200qx flying nicely that still has soot all over it from the Lipo fire in the man cave back in August. Left it sooty for the lulz, flies fine
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I have 14 helis ranging from a NCPS to my Synergy N5c, enough that if I crash one I can grab another and keep on flying and get to the crashed one when I can. Only 4 of my helis I will repair immediately after a crash, the others just get rotated out. Example, the esc is going out on one of my X3's, just grabbed the other for our new years fun fly here, I now have an esc on the bench next to the downed X3 until I feel like fixing it. No pressure to so I have less stress not having something to fly.
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Team Pilot
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I like to call it "collecting"
Ive managed to collect quite a few helis since getting back into the hobby.
My wife has gotten on me since they are taking over the house, she says i need to get rid of some
Little does she know i have another heli on the way
Look for some helis in the classifieds, and then look for my obituary next week when my new heli arrives
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I have 1 450 and the rest of my 9 heli fleet are 600 and above. Big helis are like 10% maintenance and 90% flying where micros are 90% maintenance and 10% flying.
So, it depends on what size helis you own.
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Mine need to be ready all the time if I only have one
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