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New Member Introductions If you are new to HF, please tell us a little bit about yourself. What Helis do you fly? You will find our community very friendly, why not break the ice and introduce yourself.

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Location: Belo Horizonte, MG - Brazil
Smile Hello from Belo Horizonte, MG - Brazil

Hi there,

It's been a few month since I started watching some rc heli videos in youtube and researching about sims and whatnot.

I have finally just bought my first rc heli, a WL v911, after some encouragement from a friend who recently got one.

My flight experience so far was interesting:

Day 1:

A bit of reading and youtube on basics, sorting batteries, and on to first flight on my tiny living room, just getting a first feeling of the transmitter and heli.

A few bumps here and there as expected and, before it was time to switch batteries (I suppose less than 5min of "flight") a mere bump on my sofa left the heli all mangled (to me at least).

Heli began to tremble heavily with the flybar hanging down on one side and I thought "ohh great, I managed to break the almost unbreakable heli in less than 5 minutes".

After an eternal 20 minutes I discovered one of the metal cylinder weights on one edge of the flybar was missing. How I missed that for so long is still a mystery.

Flybar aligned and second battery plugged, I went on to another round, or so I thought.

Giving power to the heli (pitch I think? left stick up) main blades would turn, but with not enough power for take off.
My first thought: batteries are over.
But after a full charge to my surprise I got the same thing: main motor without enough power.

What a start, I thought.

Long story short, spent the weekend researching reasons for low power on main motor, and ended up finding out the main motor pinion was loose on the metal stick of the motor (shaft?). It would go up and down when I moved right stick, and after some investigating and moving it the pinion went as low it disconnected from the main gear.

It was then I realised this did not looked as something that would happen due to a mere bump.

Took it to the store and am waiting on a new one, as they were out. It was indeed seen as a factory defect.

So this is where I am now. 5 minutes of flight time and a couple days of troubleshooting.

Canīt wait to get my hands on the new one in two days.

Anyway, itīs nice being part of the comunity.

Hope I manage to learn it and stay.

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Welcome to HF-

That sounds like how a lot of us started. It definitely takes patience to learn both flying and trouble shooting. The latter really helps you understand how your heli works, so it's not wasted effort! And the more you know about how your heli works, the more able you are to prevent problems from happening in the first place.

This is a great place to come when you have questions!
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