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Default Name brand vs generic parts

Hey guys, new flyer here and going over a used Trex 450 SE (with flybar head) I got. Came with oodles of blades, and a couple of main gears but that was about it.

I've seen plenty of individuals purchase HK/EXI/Tarot/Gartt/etc.. helicopters and replace certain components with genuine Align products.

My question is, what parts are okay to get 'off brand' and what ones should I stick to name brand?

I hear Tarot rotor heads are fine, and I would assume tail booms are okay. What about bearings? Screws? Frames? Tail blades? Linkages?

I don't mind stick to name brand 100%, but if I can use 'best offer' on ebay and get a ton of parts for cheap, then I would certainly like that.

On a related note, anything I should stock up on for crash parts? I won't be taking to the sky with the 450 anytime soon (simulator and mCPX come first), but I rather stock up now and not be waiting weeks (or even days) for parts I should have had on hand to start with.

I plan on amassing an assortment of screws and linkages as those seem to drift off into oblivion from my workbench already, but anything else?

Thanks, and I hope this isnt a redundant topic.
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i trust anything by tarot. in many cases they are even better.
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On which parts to keep around...

Parts can be somewhat model-specific. Best to check the 450 forum for guidance on your FB SE.

It also depends a lot on how you fly. If you do most of your real learning in the sim, you'll need a lot fewer parts than someone who hates the sim and feels like they're not learning if they're not crashing.

The other question is whether you want to maintain a significant inventory, or just buy them as you need them. I keep a few items on hand, but not much.
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Save yourself a lot of grief. Order parts from Align.
Use part numbers, then the stuff will fit.
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Originally Posted by Indokast View Post
i trust anything by tarot. in many cases they are even better.
I certainly would not trust their FBL unit, tried one years ago and it sucked.

As for parts it is hard to say. I have bought some aftermarket and some things I won't .
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Tarot heads andt Tail units are OK. Bearings and gears from clones I've never cared for.
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Thanks again for the help guys(or girls).

I ordered a good bit of spares from eBay (name brand and generic) so we'll see how that goes in a few weeks (I'm assuming a few weeks since it's from China).

That said, I also took the liberty of disassembling every screw from my 450 and setting up a sim...

The disassembly went fine, more or less. Found out the battery tray was broken and apparently riveted in place with unobtainium. That was a bear to get off, but it eventually gave in. Not before I stripped two and a half of the screws though...

I also found out my main shaft collar set screw is stripped. Or if it wasn't before, it is now.......

The upper frame had a crack as well, but the kit came with a set of frames anyway so that wasn't a huge deal.

Glad I disassembled everything since some fasteners didn't have locktite (Obviously not counting the ones secured into plastic).

I also decided I'm going to wait until my china order comes in before reassembling with locktite. For one, I'm going to do sim time anyway, and even if I go beyond that and fly, it'll either be my mCPX or V911 (the V911 for boosting my ego after the mCPX crashes). Second, I'm missing a few washers anyway, and I might get new cyclic servos, and/or a new tail servo. Plus I still have to set up the head (I've downloaded -every- finless video), get some batteries, a charger, wire up my DSP600 power supplies, etc etc... I actually really like this tinker/accessory aspect of the hobby, so this is all a blast for me.

I do, however, have a couple of questions, if you'll humour me...

- While this is more or less semantics, what would be a preferred wire gauge for servo power wires? I hear that 30g is fine for the signal wire, but what about power? On a related note, is my conclusion (based on a few threads and articles) correct in thinking someone could connect the power leads of the servos to a common point, so as long as the signal wire gets to the RX properly? Assuming a stable voltage source (not direct to the battery). Obviously, I have no need for such an arrangement, but it peaked my curiosity.

- Since I'm getting an R8XR receiver, is there any issue (space? weight? programming?) in adding an additional RX for redundancy (since it was designed for that and all...).

- Is the belt drive gear/shaft/bearings all one unit, or is mine just a royal PITA to try and separate the components? The tail drive gear (pardon my terminology is not accurate), shaft, and bearing are(seem to be) -inseparable-.


Holy-... yeah... I downloaded HeliX, RCDeskPilot, neXt, and FMS. It took forever to get my TX to work with any of them. Now things -seem- to be copasetic, but it was a bear getting there.

- On all the sims, the control inputs seem... I guess you could say 'jittery'. They (some) rapidly fluctuate between values. I don't mean a by the 1's or 10's, I mean FULL deflection between lowest and highest value. Eventually, I got HeliX and RCDeskPilot to work, and FMS so-so. Not worried about getting that to work anyway, just mentioning its 'cross-sim'.

- Furthermore, none of the buttons, knobs, or switches responds during calibration (or ever), no matter what sim, or even through the windows control panel. Sticks work fine (this is a relative term), but no twisty turny, clicky things work!

All that said, I'm still in high spirits, and honestly, even absent replies with solutions, I'm not going to worry about it. If it's been posted before, I *will* find the thread! The sim stuff is what bugs me the most, especially those tweaker channels.

The computer is a Windows 7 CF-31 Mk.4 laptop, the dongle is a generic FMS adapter from Amazon, TX is a Horus X12S, and its running OpenTX 2.2.0.

Thanks again!
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